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Unique opportunity

We have Cyprus’s one of the largest land banking portfolio with no land purchase required and high visibility for medium and long-term margins.

Our active management of our portfolio of high quality land under development is another source of value creation.

Quality tertiary use land as an extra source of profits and returns to stockholders.

A well-established company.

Our values

Reiwa Capital is closed-ended company with an established list of investors-friends all over the world who always support each other


  • 1. The Cyprus PR permit enables one to live (but not work) in Cyprus and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.

  • 2. The Property is freehold (it can be passed down from parents to children)

  • 3. Permanent Residency holders have preferential right to lower tuition fees in European Universities or collages because they are considered Permanent Residents of an EU country.

  • 4. Permanent Residency applies to the wife and husband as well as all dependent children under the age of 25, and is issued within 3 months if all terms are met.

  • 5. No inheritance tax (When property is transferred to the children)

  • 6. Do not require to stay in Cyprus more than one day every two years.

  • 7. Easy to enter and exit Cyprus. (Cyprus expected to be in the Schengen zone in 2022)

  • 8. The permit is for lifetime as long as the property is not sold.